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The Tea on Aroma Workshop

We're a perfumery, here to make all your custom blends so you can have a little something tailored specifically to your likes. Come in for a spell and create your own perfume with friends, dates, your maids of honor, or even solo and we'll help you create the fragrance you'll want to wear for a lifetime. We save everything on file, too, so you can re-order any time you like.

Did you know...we've got essential oils and natural skincare, too! We're dedicated to creating a more holistic approach to life and hoping that through the laughter shared here, along with all of our essential oil blends, and soon-to-be meditation and yoga classes, we can make your day (or life) a little bit brighter.

We Are Going Green!

Our Approach

High Quality Fragrances

We believe in using only high-quality fragrance oils and ingredients to create our perfumes. Our commitment to quality ensures that your fragrance will last longer and smell better than other perfumes on the market. All of our oils are also hypo-allergic and our products are cruelty free and vegan as well.


We strive to create exceptional customer experiences through our unique, personalized fragrances. We believe in being environmentally responsible, and that's why we take every step possible to preserve the environment. We use recycled tissue paper, compostable and biodegradable bags for our packaging. Our reusable bamboo sheets have helped us reduce paper towel usage by 70%. 

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