have a Scent Event at Aroma Workshop

Your group of 4 to 20 will have a wonderful time creating Signature Scents. An event lasts about an hour. We usually host them at 6:00 pm weekdays or 5:00 pm Saturdays, but you can certainly schedule one earlier in the day if you wish. Everyone is guided through the blending process as the structure of a well-made fragrance is explained-emphisizing fragrance families, complimentary notes and balancing  the perfume oils to achieve the perfect effect. From Birthdays to Bridesmaids to Corporate Team Building we've hosted them all. Fun and informative, but mostly fun. You may BYOB if you choose. Placed in a fun giftbag, each participant receives: Their new Signature Scent in a 2.2 oz. Classic atomizer OR an Antique-Style 2.2 oz. bulb atomizer Call for Reservation: 773-871-1985

SCENT EVENTS on the ROAD! We can come to your Sweet 16, Office Party or any get-together and make fragrances for everyone. A unique and inter-active offering sure to be a hit. FOR GROUPS LARGER THAN THREE THE COST IS $50 EACH PERSON - A $10 DISCOUNT ON OUR $60 SIGNATURE SCENT CREATION