Who is Aroma Workshop and Tedd Neenan?

1953-Born into a large Irish family in Columbia, MO.

1963-Experienced first delirium brought on by scent while assisting the Monsignor in recharging the thurible(swinging Church incense burner) with Frankincense & Myrrh.

1973-Discovered and embraced the world of Post-Modern Dance leading to a BFA from Boston Conservatory and residency in NYC through early 80's. Fell in love with the creative process of making things up.

1985-Retired gracefully from performing, fell in love with a muse.

1986-Hired by Makes Scents (owned by Susan Bubach & Peter Neenan) to open perfumeries in St. Louis. Began intense olfactory training.

1992-Married muse - Chicagoan Liz Muckley, extraordinary actor and Playback artist.

1993-with Liz, founded Aroma Workshop at its present Halsted St. location.

1993 to present- If you don't see him merrily "slinging oils" it Aroma Workshop he is likely partaking in one of the following endeavors:

  • Hanging out with his partner in Bucktown, walking to Wicker Park or cooking an interesting recipe.
  • Shopping at Stanley's
  • Sitting in the first few rows at a Dance concert.┬áChicago is blessed to have so many performances here.
  • Attending a seminar in Aromatherapy-especially if Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt is leading it. Tedd received his Aromatherapy Certification under Schnaubelt at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.
  • Pedaling to work or to a step aerobic class or to the Critical Mass.
  • Paddling a canoe in the Ozarks or hiking in the Rockies.

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