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"Hello - I just wanted to drop a quick note to express what I great time I had at Aroma Workshop, and to thank Iris for doing a great job! I came in last week on a HowAboutWe date, and my "date" (I actually brought a friend) and I had a lovely time, we were so impressed with the whole experience. We both love the perfume we made, I've worn mine every day since! I was impressed with Iris\'s attention to my preferences and her skill in mixing the scents. It was a fun, creative night and I am so glad I stopped by!

"Hi Tedd,

I recently brought in my bridal party to your shop to create our own perfume scents. It was a new experience for all of us. I can't thank you enough!! We all had a fantastic time with you and your staff!! :) You were all so patient and knowledgeable. Each of us loves our new scent we chose.

I personally can't wait to order more things in MY scent. How exciting having a fragrance made from my favorite scents and I get to choose my own name for it. I absolutely LOVE IT!! It makes all my other perfumes obsolete!!!!

Thank you Tedd and the rest of your staff from "The Aroma Workshop"!!

I will be back again!! I have already been asked what scent I'm wearing. I love to reply, It's my own creation. "

"I live in New York and had a co-worker pick a scent she felt would fit me....OH BOY Gardenia was her choice and I love it!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how many months I have click on your web page and just browsed your list of scents and this angel of a co-worker took a trip their and now I smell like new money :) Thanks!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! We thoroughly enjoyed making our perfumes (and we can't stop smelling our wrists, lol). And thank you for recommending the pasta place down the street - lunch was also amazing!

We will definitely be back - and will send our friends your way, too!

This was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in the city!!!"

"I just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing afternoon at your shop! The girls and I had so much fun and love our scents! You were all so friendly and helpful which totally made the experience that much more enjoyable!"

"Hi, Tedd!

I came into your store today and wanted to tell you how spectacular your ladies were who assisted me with my purchases!

First, I wanted to create a scent for my best friend in Bethlehem, PA based upon an ingredient deck he provided to me due to the fact that his own perfumery closed a while back. Secondly, I wanted him to experience some skincare and bath products directly from your line also.

Secondly, I decided to create my own signature scent and try your skincare line also.

Both your ladies were just amazing in helping me with these daunting tasks. I knew the scent I was going for for myself, and I found it through their exquisite expertise! Along with my friend\'s completed, beautiful scent, I chose the face cleanser, toner, anti-aging face creme, eye creme, mint mask and bath creme for him. I know he will be more than thrilled with his Christmas present which the ladies will be shipping to him in a gorgeous silver box!

Along with my own signature scent, which I just adore, I also purchased the anti-aging face and eye creme for myself. They are excellent!

All in all, Tedd, I had an absolutely wonderful Sunday afternoon at your shop! And your assistants deserve special recognition for not only being extremely professional, patient and courteous but also a delight to work with! They allowed me the freedom to be creative and relaxed while offering ideas on the blending of scents and recommendations on perfect combinations.

The end results are nothing short of masterpieces! There is nothing on the market which can compare to a custom-made blend of the caliber you provide. The quality is unparalleled, and the service is impeccable. You are the Ritz-Carlton of perfumeries.

I must say, Tedd, that I had a completely memorable, enjoyable time both Saturday with you and Sunday with the ladies. It is truly an immense honor to have scents designed especially for me by you and your brilliant staff, and I will wear my scents proudly.

Thank you, Tedd, for creating "The Aroma Workshop" --- a touch of Heaven on Halsted!

Sincerest best wishes,"


A few weeks ago my daughters and I, were at your shop looking for the right sent for me. After them buying me expensive perfumes in the past, and me not really sure what I liked, they thought this would be the perfect way to go. Boy! were they right. Not having had any experience with made to order scents, I thought buying the scent in the hydrating water bottle would be just fine. However, after using it, I was surprised that the scent went away quickly. I called you right away, and you explained that it wouldn't last when it is mixed with water, and offered to send me a new bottle with more oils added. Well, much to my surprise, I opened the mail today and you sent me a bottle of the perfume. I loved the fragrance and will wear it everyday. You, and your staff are great. Looking forward to coming in again and bringing my friends."

"I purchased a gift certificate from a groupon around Christmas time, I thought it would be fun to make our own perfume. It was fantastic. I had a group of four and we had a blast. We customized our own scents, bought oils, bath crystals, and room spray. The girl working was very knowledgeable and nice and Ted the owner was great as well. He recommended neroli oil to help my two sons sleep. It has been working. I have since called back and placed another order and also recommended the shop to a friend who ordered online. We can't wait to come back! "

"My best friend and I came in on Sunday, April 28th for a scent creation session with Iris. All I can say is that she knew me better than I knew myself scentwise.

Everything was relaxed and explained. As we tested the many scented oils to find our favorites, she mixed certain oils and then had us test them. I was worrying after a bit that she wouldn't find "my" fragrance. Boy was I wrong!

It was the 4th one she created, and I thought it was just a tad off what I wanted but close. I mentioned what I thought I wanted less of, and she created one more. It was too weak. I checked the 4th one another time, took the stick outside and checked it, and that WAS IT!!! Yeah for me and bravo to Iris. If I could afford it, I would have tipped her 40 or 50%. I have been in Heaven enjoying my fragrance ever since. I adore Aroma Workshop and will return many times in the future, even though I live in NW Indiana. I couldn't be happier. And my best friend seems to be as well. Kudos."

"Hi Ted!

I made my first trip back (in 30 years!) to my birthplace and hometown of Chicago and made an appointment for my cousin and I to try something new before dinner reservations. We had such a memorable time and created scents that we both adore... so much that I\'ve already re-ordered twice in less than 6months! All of my other perfumes that I've been wearing for years are now shelved! Your team are experts at scent creation and I was impressed at how my re-orders were spot on with my original concoction. Exceptional!! I will be ordering again before winter I'm sure. Thanks again for such a great experience!

Best wishes from deep in the heart of Texas!"

"What a wonderful time we had at the aroma workshop. My daughter-in-law and I had such an amazing experience. We did not know what to expect when arriving at your shop and you were also friendly and kind. We walked out with two amazing signatures scents. Thank you for this one-of-a-kind experience."

"Great birthday surprise from my daughter and daughter in law. Never done anything like this before. Great experience. Awesome people. Love my perfume. Thank you to you all."

"Ted, I started buying China Rain from you over 20 years ago and have now graduated to China Musk. You are terrific to work with and have a wonderful product:) Take care,"

"What a great place! It took us an hour and a half to get here and would do it all over again! Wearing my perfume today and will definitely be going back for more! The best part of the entire experience, aside from making your own signature scent, was the staff. Very nice, friendly and didn't rush you! That makes a business a great business!"

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